Separation and divorce statistics

Separation and divorce have unfortunately become a way of life in today’s modern world. On the one side is “for better or for worse”, and on the other the reality for many is being in an unhappy marriage or relationship due to love being gone, adultery, abuse or various other reasons. In those circumstances it can perhaps be said that separation is a good thing.

Regardless of whether separation is a good or a bad thing, unfortunately for a large number of Australians separation and divorce is part of life.

Divorce statistics in Australia

The number of divorce applications granted in Australia in 2015 increased by 4.34% from the previous year, with:

  • the highest number of divorce applications being made during the 4th year of marriage; and
  • the median length of marriage to separation being 8.5 years.

Of the divorce applications granted in Australia in 2015:

  • 43% were made by the husband and wife jointly;
  • 32% were made by the wife; and
  • 25% were made by the husband.

In 2015, 47.5% of the divorce applicants had more than one child.

How many marriages end in divorce?

An average of between 40 to 45% of marriages end in divorce. In last 5 years there were 119,750 registered marriages per year and 48,301 divorce applications per year.

One in five registered marriages in Australia in 2015 involved a party that had previously been married.

Of the registered marriages in Australia in 2015:

  • 54% of the marriages were between people who were both born in Australia.
  • 14% of marriages were between people who were born in the same overseas country.
  • 32% of marriages were between people who were born in different overseas countries.

For more information on divorce and separation, click here.

Source: ‘Australian Bureau of Statistics, catalogue 3310.0 – Marriages and Divorces, Australia, 2015’.


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