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Our fees

At Johnstone Crouse Lawyers we know that one of the most daunting parts of going to a lawyer is not knowing what it is going to cost you or whether you can afford it. This is why we place the utmost importance on being wholly transparent throughout the process. We want to make sure that your stressful situation is not made worse by large bills, meaning you can focus less on the costs and more on your legal matter.

We offer:


Free Phone Consultation

We provide 15-minute telephone consultation, completely free of charge. During the conversation, you get to speak to one of our senior lawyers to discuss your situation. After hearing the details, we can give you professional advice on the best approach to the situation.

If after hearing our advice you consider that the issues should be pursued and you choose to engage us, we schedule a one-on-one meeting.


One-On-One Meeting

 During this appointment, you will sit down with a lawyer who will take instructions on your situation in greater detail and devise a more strategic approach with you to maximise your chances of achieving your preferred outcome.

This meeting comes at fixed fee which you will be made aware of before, so there will be no surprises and all our focus can be on your legal needs.


Fight For You In Court

After the meeting, you will have all the information you need to continue, including your legal position, your rights and obligations, the principles and factors that govern your case and the procedures and options that are available to you. You will also have a strategy and laid out plan, customised to your personal needs, by which to go forward.

If your matter requires ongoing legal professional involvement, we will provide you with full disclosure as to the costs  and flexible payment options.

you are not alone

Reasonable Price for Legal Services

Reasonable pricing is just another thing that sets us apart from all of our competitors. We are completely transparent throughout the process, honest, upfront, and we never overcharge our clients. We also do not charge for low scale printing, copying, and telephone calls.

Our excellent customer service, expertise, success rate, and competitive fees are what helped us grow from a small group of talented lawyers in Perth to one of the top law firms in Perth. We are affordable and charge less so that anyone can afford to get great legal representation.

“Liberty is the right to do what the law permits.”