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Johnstone Crouse Lawyers is one of the most reputable law firms in Perth, Western Australia, that employs some of the most educated and reliable lawyers in town. We pride ourselves in our rich portfolio of clients who guarantee that we are always 100 per cent engaged, dedicated and devoted to their legal matter. We foster great relationships with all of our clients and strive to build cases that will win their cause. 

Our law firm deals with family law cases, dispute resolutions, wills and estates, as well as business and commercial law. Johnstone Crouse Lawyers is one of the most distinguished law firms in Perth both for family and business-related disputes.  

If you are looking for a dependable legal representation to handle your care with due diligence, contact us to arrange a free 15-minute telephone consultation or book an appointment. We want to be at the disposal of anyone who needs legal advice. If you are not sure whether you should pursue a certain matter legally, get in touch and we will recommend the best plan of action.


You can call us on 08 9561 8650 or send us a message through our contact page.


Johnstone Crouse Lawyers Legal Services


Our law firm offers legal help only in areas our lawyers concentrate in, including family law, dispute resolution, business and commercial law, as well as wills and estates. Since the establishment, our goal was to provide the citizens of Perth with the best possible legal representation. Our lawyers are certified, knowledgeable, and experienced to deal with any legal matter with high levels of confidence.


Johnstone Crouse Lawyers in Perth focuses on several types of law services, including:


For any family disputes and family law cases, Johnstone Crouse Lawyers are at your service to help go through the process with minimal stress. Over the years, we learned that family-related cases are the most emotionally difficult ones which is why we strive to ease the case as much as possible. Separation can be an emotional, confusing, and stressful stage in life which can cause major life decisions in relation to children, property, and finances. Some of the cases that we handle include separation, divorce, property disputes, parenting disputes, binding financial agreements, restraining orders, child support, child recovery orders, child relocation issues, mother’s rights, father’s rights, and grandparent’s rights.


When you need legal help to resolve a dispute with a different party, rest assured that Johnstone Crouse Lawyers will help go through the complex resolution process. The most common methods include lawsuits, arbitration, mediation, negotiation, conciliation, facilitation, as well as mini and private trials. The exact method of resolution is chosen based on a multitude of factors, and we employ top lawyers in Perth who will help decide on the best approach. Johnstone Crouse Lawyers' dispute resolution and litigation services include civil claims or actions in Magistrates Court, District Court, Supreme Court, Federal Court, Family Court, and State Administrative Tribunal.


If the legal issue you are faced with is in relation to your business, it is best to hire an experienced law firm that has already handled similar cases. Johnstone Crouse Lawyers' business and commercial law services include agreement preparation, agreement advice, and solicitor’s guarantees. We understand how important your business is to you and that you wish to save its reputation. Our team provides unmatched legal services and will guide you through the process step by step. Our goal is to help you overcome the challenge you are facing as quickly and pain-free as possible.


With the loss of a loved one comes a lot of pain and sorrow, followed by a ton of legal troubles that need to be solved. Johnstone Crouse Lawyers, wills and estate planning services include wills, power of attorney, power of guardianship, and testament trust. It is our job to ease the transitional period and help you cope with big changes in your life. Our lawyers in Perth are professional and compassionate, and many choose us for our sympathetic attitude that helps you go through the process.  

To find out more about our legal services, feel free to call us - we offer a free 15-minute phone consultation or you can book an appointment to discuss the legal issue in person.


Our Legal Process


Johnstone Crouse Lawyers know that there is no cookie-cutter approach and that every client comes with a unique set of requirements. In all our years of service, we have never encountered two similar cases, which is why we take a custom approach every single time. But in order to devise the best possible strategy for your situation, we always go through the same steps:


  1. We provide 15-minute-long telephone consultation, completely free of charge. During the conversation, you get to speak to one of our lawyers to disclose information about your case. After hearing the details, we can give you professional advice on the best approach to the situation. 
  2. If we believe that the issues should be pursued and you agree to work with us, we schedule a one-on-one meeting. During this appointment, the most talented lawyers in Perth hear about your situation in greater detail and start to devise a more strategic approach that would maximise the chances of a win. This meeting comes with a fixed fee, and we are happy to share the exact amount during the free telephone call. 
  3. After the meeting, you will have all the information you need to continue, including your legal position, your rights and obligations, principles, factors and procedures that await you, and all the options that are available to you.


The above process proved to be the most optimal one for all cases that came our way, be it related to the family law, dispute resolution, business and commercial law, or wills and estates. Right here, at the beginning of the complex legal process, you will gain insight into the costs and fees included. 


No matter the type of legal issue you are experiencing, we want you to know that in our practice - you are the priority. We are one of the top law firms in Perth and it is our job to help you win the case and earn what you deserve.


Qualified Lawyers in Perth


All lawyers at Johnstone Crouse Lawyers have the qualifications needed to practice law. But it is not just about obtaining the necessary documentation required - it takes a specific set of skills to be a successful lawyer. What is more, to become one of the most successful lawyers in Perth, it is necessary to possess the urge to continue to work on advancing your skills and knowledge. And that is what we strive to do - learn something new with every new case that we take so that we get a little bit better each day.


Undisputed Legal Expertise

Johnstone Crouse Lawyers is a team of educated professionals who have obtained graduate and bachelor diplomas to practice law. We are all absolute experts in our respective fields, including dispute resolution, litigation, property law, commercial law, estate planning, family law, and restraining orders. Aside from our legal professionals, we employ experts in the administrative support field and business and medical administration. Such strategic team composition enables Johnstone Crouse Lawyers to deal with diverse situations professionally and diligently.


Reasonable Price for Legal Services

What sets us apart from all of our competitors are our fair fees. We are honest, upfront, and never overcharge our clients. 

In fact, we offer every person who comes our way, a free 15-minute-long consultation during which you can ask us for general legal advice regarding your case. If the case is worth pursuing further, we recommend that you schedule an in-person consultation. If you choose us as your law firm, we will present you with our fixed-fee packages so that there are no unpleasant surprises after the matter is resolved. At Johnstone Crouse Lawyers, we have carefully designed smart payment plans so that you can handle the payment of our services more easily and stress-free. We never charge for low scale printing, copying, and telephone calls.

Our excellent customer service, expertise, success rate, and competitive fees are what helped us grow from a small group of talented lawyers in Perth to one of the top law firms in Perth. We are affordable and charge less than the mandated rates for lawyers so that anyone can afford to get great legal representation.


Reliable Legal Representation in Perth


Whether you need a professional to help you deal with a family law case, dispute resolution, business and commercial law-related matter, or wills and estates, Johnstone Crouse Lawyers are at your service - and at a low rate, no less!


Everybody deserves to hire the best law firm in Perth - and you deserve a team of lawyers who will place you as a priority and fight for your case to win in court or get the best settlement deal.